A League of Our Own

Commissioner Update - 2024 Season


The rookie draft date/time is Saturday, May 11th at 6:00PM EDT. It will be held remotely using the Sleeper platform.


The rookie draft will be 4 rounds. Draft order is listed below and will be linear, meaning that the order will be the same for all rounds. You're able to trade draft picks.

Veterans/free agents will be available once the season starts, which should be immediately after the draft ends.


  1. TitoRaiders
  2. Nateveli
  3. AlrightLunger
  4. jhoffman
  5. CKbenz531
  6. Revolution14
  7. JeeraratInthat09
  8. backmask
  9. coley0510
  10. Normy21
  11. FunkyT198
  12. ijscherer


We voted on the following changes for the 2024 season:

Fumble Penalty Removal

Removed -1 point fumble penalty. Players will only be penalized if they lose the fumble (-2 points)

Payout Adjustment

Adjusted payouts to reward 2nd place more

  • First place: $900 -> $750
  • Second place: $200 -> $350
  • Third place: $100 -> $100

Anti-Tanking Adjustment

To prevent tanking, changed the way that the rookie draft order is decided (would not effect 2024 rookie draft):

Non-playoff teams (1 - 6) will be decided by "max points for". This is the amount of points you would have scored if you started the best players on your team.

The winner of the week 15 5th place matchup will be rewarded the 7th draft position. The loser of the matchup receives the 8th draft position.

Draft positions 9 - 12 are decided in the same way. The 3rd place matchup is playing for a $100 prize.

Note: this does not affect the 2024 rookie draft.